Lower Kindergarten

Welcome to Lower Kindergarten Adventures!

Age group:

The Lower Kindergarten (LKG) class is where young minds take their first steps into more structured learning. This program focuses on building a solid foundation for academic excellence, social development, and individual growth.


Key Highlights of Our Lower Kindergarten Class:

  1. Structured Academic Curriculum:

We introduce a more structured academic curriculum that lays the groundwork for literacy and numeracy. Our goal is to instil a love for learning through engaging lessons and age-appropriate activities.

  1. Literacy And Numeracy Skills Development:

Building on emergent literacy skills, our program emphasizes phonics, basic reading, and writing. Storytelling sessions and interactive language activities enhance language development and vocabulary. Numeracy skills are further developed through hands-on activities, games, and interactive learning materials. Basic math concepts are introduced in a playful and accessible manner.

  1. Creative Arts and Expression:

Our class encourages creative expression through various art forms. Children explore music, drama, and visual arts, fostering a sense of creativity and self-expression.

  1. Introduction to Basic Science Concepts:

Science exploration becomes more structured, introducing basic scientific concepts through age-appropriate experiments and activities. This hands-on approach sparks curiosity and a love for discovery.

  1. Social and Emotional Learning:

Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning. Through group activities, team projects, and guided discussions, children develop crucial interpersonal skills.